Dr. Edward McKinnon dan Lim Chen Sian di Unimed, 20 Maret 2010.

2 Komentar

  1. Dear Sir
    I want to contact Dr Edwar Mac Kinnon, please send me his address o re-mai
    where he work now.
    In 1985 I have made him in Padang, but after that loss contact,
    we have a prpsal to write the book about the Ming imperial five clown
    ceramic and other imperial ceramic have found in Indragiri Riauw
    and I have fund another Imperial ceramic in West Borne and West Java.
    Dr Em Mc Kinnn when you read this massage, please contact via my blog
    uniquecollectin.wrdpress.com, are yu the sameman I met in Padang?
    Greatings and thankyou very much from
    Dr Iwan S.
    now living in Jakarta.

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